Thursday, 21 October 2010

Christmas Is Coming!

We're already taking orders for Christmas, in fact we had our first one two months ago! Soon we'll be surrounded with bundles of pine, bags of pine cones and plenty of dried fruit. Christmas is always a busy time for us and we love making door wreaths, garlands and decorations for our clients.
If you'd like a Euphoric Christmas, then ask us how we can transform your home this festive season. Prices start from £40.00 for our beautiful wreaths and, we'll even come and decorate your tree as well!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Autumn Glory

I admit it, this is my favourite time of year. Maybe its because I'm an autumn baby, but I adore the change of the seasons and the glorious colours that are just so beautiful. So, what more appropriate way to celebrate the season than with this glowing offering for a front door?
Forget any idea of a wreath being funereal, this beauty is bursting with life that will welcome your guests in glowing style!
Packed with rich autumn hydrangea, orange roses, red pom-pom dahlias and firey gloriosa lilies, this colour palette glows like the warmest of fires. Pass the crumpets!